It is a safety glass and is produced by strengthening glass by applying heat treatment. The tempering process is first heating glasses up to the temperatures between 650°C and 680°C with the heating systems specific to this process and then suddenly cooling of glasses with air. As a result of the tempering process, compression stress (compression) to the outer surfaces of the glass and an indirect tensile stress (tension) to the middle of the glass are gained. Thus, glass becomes resistant to tensile and impacts.

After tempering process, cutting, drilling, edging and surface treatment can not be done on glasses.

Temperable glass thicknesses: 4-19 mm

Temperable minimum size: 300 mm x 300 mm

Maximum temperable size: 4200 mm x 2440 mm

There are 2 horizontal rotary glass tempering furnaces of North Glass brand in our factory. These furnaces have convectional heating motors and thus can perform the tempering process of Low-E and Solar Low-E coated glasses. Production is carried out according to the TS EN 12150 standard.