Yavuz Cam started its commercial activities with retail glass sales in 1970 and continued this activity until 1995. Having obtained the distributorship of Şişecam in 1976, the company has also started wholesale glass sales since that date. The company which opened its production facility in Arsin Organized Industrial Zone / Trabzon in 1992 started to produce heat-insulated glass in 1994 and became one of Şişecam's Authorized Isıcam Manufacturer (IYÜ) companies. The company also held the Plaspen and Rehau dealerships between 1997-2007 and engaged in plastic joinery activities.

Yavuz Cam is one of the first technological facilities in the Eastern Black Sea region in the glass industry and closely follows the technological developments in the glass industry. In this direction, 2 glass tempering lines were established in 2007 and 2014. Temper furnaces can temper Low-E glasses with high energy efficiency.

As a result of the dealership system revised throughout the country by Şişecam in 2015, the company was determined as the only authorized wholesale glass dealer in the Eastern Black Sea region.

The company which always prioritizes high-quality production and service also gives great importance to customer satisfaction and customer focus. It aims to increase the quality and comfort of the end consumer's living standards by producing the glass groups with high energy-efficiency.

Yavuz Cam which includes various glass groups applied in residences, commercial and architectural buildings in its product portfolio has adopted the principle of being reliable and creating added value for its solution partners, customers and employees.

Total area: 7710 m2

Production area: 4000 m2

Whosale glass area: 1360 m2

The number of employees: 55