Facade glazing or bonding glazing as it is used in the market is the mechanical assembly of glass panels adhered to an aluminium spacer side by side without any aluminum mounting element being seen on facade surface. The assembly process is carried out with a 15 mm joint between glasses.

Glass facade systems are applied with the desired type of silicone, covered and semi-covered.

The combination of double-glazing to be used on the facade is determined by the purpose of use of the building, facade, types of glass that have performance values ​​suitable for weather and climatic conditions in a place where it is located and the glass color suitable for the design of a project.

The glasses to be used on facades are adhered to an aluminium spacer by using special silicone that is not affected by UV rays and distance determining tapes. There is 1 manual silicone filling machine of Best Makine brand in our factory.

The outer glass of the double-glazing must be tempered.