Isıcam, also known as insulated glass or double-glass, is produced on the Isıcam line of Best Makine brand. The glasses to be turned into an insulating glass can be tempered beforehand according to the order.

Before insulating glass production starts space bars are cut or bent in accordance with glass dimensions, clipped from corners, filled with desiccant and butyl which is the internal sealing material is applied to edges.

There are 1 automatic profile bending machine of Best Makine brand, 1 desiccant filling machine of Best Makine brand and 1 butyl filling machine of Best Makine brand in our factory.

The Isıcam line starts with the glass washing module. After glass surfaces are thoroughly cleaned in this stage, they are transferred to the press section where they are attached to each other with space bars. The edges of double-glass coming out of the press section are filled with either polyurethane or thiokol (polysulfide) by a robot in the automatic filling material section which is the last stage. Polyurethane and thiokol are external sealing materials. Finally, finished product is taken to glass stacking stands.

The most used combinations in Isıcam Systems are in the form of 4 mm glass + 12 mm space bar + 4 mm glass and 4 mm glass + 16 mm space bar + 4 mm glass.

Glass thicknesses used: 4-5-6 mm

Space bar thicknesses used: 9-10-11-12-14-16-18-19-20-21-22 mm

Production is carried out according to TS EN 1279-6 standard.